QUEER Salsa Workshop
Ignite Your Passion and Find Your Community




Salsa with a Sanura twist

Lead & Follow for All

Salsa is a conversation, not a hierarchy. We teach you both leading and following, fostering connection and building confidence on the dance floor.

Spicy Steps & Fierce Community

Unleash the fire within! We'll guide you through the foundations of Salsa with a focus on musicality and playful energy. Sanura Dance is your welcoming space to find your salsa groove and connect with like-minded individuals.

Monthly QUEER Social Nights

Put your new moves to the test and celebrate with the Sanura Dance community at our vibrant social events.

Explore Our Queer Salsa Levels: Beginners & Improvers


Dive into the world of salsa with our Queer Salsa Beginners workshop! Perfect for those new to salsa, this course covers the basics in a fun, inclusive environment. You'll learn both leading and following roles, ensuring a well-rounded dance experience. Join us and discover the joy of salsa dancing while connecting with a vibrant community.


Ready to take your salsa to the next level? Our Queer Salsa Improvers workshop is designed for dancers with some experience looking to refine their skills. You'll enhance your technique, learn new moves, and continue practicing both leading and following roles. Join us for an empowering and enjoyable dance journey!

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