About us

Step into the world of Sanura Dance, a vibrant and dynamic dance company located in the heart of London. We firmly believe that dance is an expression of joy, passion, and creativity, and we are dedicated to spreading the infectious joy of dance to audiences far and wide.

Sanura Dance was founded in 2023 by Sandy Chuchuca, a Software Engineer and entrepreneur, who brings a unique perspective to our creative endeavors. Sandy is so committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all that she even taught the dance floor to be non-judgmental. Our mission? To inspire and delight audiences through the power of dance and to bring you a space where you can feel safe, accepted, and free to bust your best moves without fear of judgment.

But that's not all! At Sanura Dance, we're not just here to perform; we're here to get you involved! We want to hear your requests, your ideas, and maybe even your best dance jokes. We promise not to steal your dance moves, but we might just steal your heart.

So, whether you're a seasoned dancer or someone who thinks the cha-cha-cha is a mysterious incantation, we invite you to join us for a dance experience that's as much about laughter as it is about rhythm. Let's dance, share, and create unforgettable moments together.

Thank you for your interest in Sanura Dance. We can't wait to share our boundless passion for dance and hear your fantastic ideas with you.

Sandy Chuchuca


Our Mission 

At Sanura Dance, our mission is to forge a sanctuary where the beats of dance harmonize with the diverse rhythms of the FLINTA and LGBTQ+ communities. We stand against the constraints of a Heteronormative world, particularly championing the inclusion of women and queer individuals. Our commitment is to dismantle the walls that have excluded those who defy Heteronormative norms, fostering a judgment-free, Heteronormativity-free dance space. We open the floor to everyone who has been sidelined due to their non-conformity to Heteronormative standards, creating a vibrant, welcoming, and empowering environment.


Our Vision

Sanura Dance envisions itself not just as a dance space but as a global movement, igniting a revolution in the dance industry and becoming a beacon of queer women's leadership. We aspire to be a trailblazing brand, setting an example that transcends borders and reshapes the narrative of dance. Our vision is to be globally recognized for innovation, breaking down barriers, and breathing new life into the art of dancing and performing. Sanura Dance strives to reignite the global significance of performance arts, showcasing the power of diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression.

Our Values


We cherish and honor every individual, fostering a culture of acceptance where everyone, regardless of identity, finds a home on our dance floor.



We celebrate the kaleidoscope of differences that enrich our community, recognizing that strength lies in embracing the unique stories and perspectives each person brings.



We applaud and bolster the confidence to be authentically oneself, unapologetically. Sanura Dance is a canvas where individuality is not just accepted but celebrated, empowering each dancer to express their truest self through movement.